The river beckons to her soul.
Always moving and natural.
With many moods like herself.  Sometimes
the river feels playful or it can be raging with anger.
Sometimes it is deceptively calm on the surface.
Other times it is truly serene.
And, it nourishes Wild Horse Woman.
It is the life force itself.

And like the wild mustang who cannot be confined, she seeks freedom.
 The mustang-primitive in its wildness, fierce and powerful,
rejects anything confining or restricting,
It will not trade its freedom for illusion.
True to her horse spirit,
Wild Horse Woman must break the bounds,
leap the fence, loose the tethers on her soul.

Sometimes her spirit visits the dark, secluded verdant glens.
There she grazes among the tender grasses
feeling safe and protected until her spirit is restored.
There the Mother nourishes Wild HorseWoman.
The rushing water murmurs to her of places she must visit.
It's beady earthy fragrance lullsWild Horse Woman into a blissful rest.

But, even there, the river beckons to her soul.
She must leap the fences and run with the wind, ears
perked, nostrils flairing.  Strong hooves carry Wild Horse Woman alone to Creator.
She must feel the salty breeze in her fetters and gallop with abandon
until her knees give way with fatigue.
 For, it is in that moment of abandon and pure ecstasy that she is closes to the Divine.

For Diana Williams by Joli Spencier

Mustang Man
Also by Joli Spencier